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  Bread, butter and house olives €2.00
  Bread €0.50
  Butter €0.70
  House Olives €1.50
A must before your meal. Drink made with sugar cane spirit, sugar, lime and crushed ice
Made with vodka, sugar, lime and crushed ice
ng Casquinha de Siri
Crab meat
Caldo de Polvo
Octopus creamed soup with coconut milk
Sopa de Peixe
Fish soup
Hearts of Palm

Grilled sausage


ng Green Salad €3.00

Todos os Santos
Greens,carrots,corn and hearts of Palm


  Vegetarian Dishes  
  (all dishes are served with white rice)  

Moqueca de Palmito
Hearts of Palm cooked in sauce made with palm oil and coconut milk


Moqueca de Vegetais
Vegetables cooked in a sauce made with palm oil and coconut milk

Ensopadinho de Vegetais
Vegetables cooked in a sauce made with coconut milk


Abóbora Vegetariana
Mashed pumpkin with hearts of Palm and gratineted

Feijoada Vegetariana
Stew of black beans served with white rice, cabbage and slices of orange

  Fish dishes  
  (all dishes are served with white rice)  
Stew made with vegetables, palm oil and coconut milk.


Shrimp Moqueca

Fish Moqueca

Octopus Moqueca

Cod Fish Moqueca
Stew made with vegetables and coconut milk.
ng Shrimp Ensopadinho

Fish Ensopadinho

Octopus Ensopadinho

Cod Fish Ensopadinho




Minced fish and dried shrimps cooked with palm oil, coconut milk, peanuts and cashew nuts finely ground

Bobó de Camarão
Mashed manioc with shrimps fried in palm oil and onions

Abóbora Recheada
Mashed pumpkin with shrimp's and palm's heart gratinated

Camarão com Catupiry
Shrimps in a white sauce and gratinated with catupiry cheese

Camarão com Molho de Maracujá
Shrimp's with Passion Fruit sauce

Escondidinho de Camarão
Shrimps cooked with coconut milk coverd with manioc
puree and gratined


  Meat dishes  





Feijoada à Brasileira
"Rio de Janeiro feijoada"stew of black beans and all sorts of meat:beef, pork, sausages. Served with white rice,cabbage and slices of orange.

Picadinho à Mineira
Stewed beef cut in small pieces, served with a fried banana and a poached egg, black beans and corn. Served with white rice

Virado à Paulista
A grilled pork chop with a fried banana, grilled sausage,french fries, cabbage and mashed black beans

Xim Xim de Galinha
Chicken cut in small pieces cooked with palm oil and minced dried shrimps. Served with white rice

Delícia de Frango
Chicken cut in small pieces, cooked with milk cream, palm's hearts, mushrooms and corn. Served with white rice

Churrasco Misto
Mixed grill served with french fries and cabbage

Grilled Brazilian beef. Served with rice, cabbage and black beans

Carne de Sol
Cured salted beef fried with onions. Served with beans and fried manioc
Carne de Sol com puré de Abóbora
Cured salted beef served with pumpkin purée
Escondidinho de carne de Sol
Ccured salted beef fried with onions covered with manioc purée and gratinated with Catupiry cheese
  Vaca Atolada
Short ribs beef stewed with manioc. Served with rice
  Side orders  
  Corn €1.50
  Egg €1.00
  Sliced orange €1.50
  Rice €2.00
  Beans €2.00
  Fried banana €2.00
  Green cabbage €2.00
  Fried manioc €2.00
  Mashed pumpkin €2.00
  Fried potatos €4.00



ng Quindim
Made with sugar, yolks, butter and coconut

Pudim de Aipim
Manioc, coconut milk and condensed milk
Baba de Moça
Sugar, yolks and coconut milk and cinnamon

Sugar syrup, slices of banana, cloves and cinnamon

Creme de Papaia
Papaya puré with ice cream and cassis


Mousses de:
Chocolate, Passion fruit or Mango

Gelado de Natas
Ice cream with melted chocolate top

Gelado de Lima com Cachaça
Lime Ice cream drizzled with cachaça

Tropical Fruits

  Mango, Pineapple or Papaya

  Coffee & Tea

  Nespresso Coffee

  Nespresso Decaffeinated €1.50
  Cappuccino €2.00



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